🥄 CUPPING ✨Have you heard of this term before?

🥄 CUPPING Have you heard of this term before? Cupping is the industry standard method of tasting and evaluating coffees. This is how our roastery controls for quality and how we establish the tasting notes you find on our coffee bags. 😋
Here’s how it works:
1️⃣ First we grind the coffees we are cupping, a little coarser than we would for a typical brew and smell the grounds to evaluate the FRAGRANCE.
2️⃣ Then add hot water to the coffee grounds in these “cupping bowls” and allow the coffees to brew.
3️⃣ As the coffee brews we use our noses again to evaluate the AROMA.
4️⃣ We then continue evaluating the aroma as we break the crust of coffee grounds that forms on the top, allowing the grounds to sink to the bottom of the bowl. Any foam is removed from the top with a spoon. (This is what @juheejaimee is doing in the photos above☝️)
5️⃣ When the brew has cooled sufficiently, we use our spoons to slurp and evaluate the TASTE. We continue tasting as the coffee cools—and more flavours reveal themselves!

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