Journey of Francisco de Mello Palheta

In the 17th Century, the King of Portugal sent Francisco de Mello Palheta to French Guiana in search of coffee seeds so that Brazil might enter the coffee market. However, as these seeds were so closely guarded by the Guianese officials, it was only after captivating the French governor’s wife that he was able to obtain them.¬†Upon his departure, she gifted him a bouquet of flowers within which she hid the ripe coffee berries and coffee shoots he would use to commence Brazil’s coffee industry upon his return. By 1893, the coffee grown in Brazil from these seeds brought by Palheta had made their way back across the Atlantic to Kenya and Tanzania. We, De Mello Palheta Coffee Roasters, are named after him and are proud to be a part of his continuous journey.

Our Cafe

We’re obsessed with continuing Francisco de Mello Palheta’s journey. Join us for coffee conversations and connections, pictures, video and blogs about life at De Mello Palheta and the magic we create for you everyday.

Our Roastery

Our main goal is to build and maintain relationships with coffee farmers. In this way, we work together to produce the finest cups of coffee and improve the quality of life for all along coffee chain; from seed to cup.