“Coffee is a tradition for us”

“Coffee is a tradition for us. My dad has dedicated his life to coffee and my grandfather too, they have left us this legacy and we want to honour them by working hard and doing things well.
I bought the farm [ El Cristal] in 2008 with the aim of producing specialty coffee, and we have gone through different difficult situations on the farm to make it productive, since the climatic conditions in the area are very adverse due to the proximity to the Forest. In spite of this, the climate is also one of the virtues of the farm, since it allows a slow development of the grain, this, accompanied by the good discipline and attitude that the collectors have, and the correct handling of the coffee in the Beneficio, the result in excellent coffee recognized in several quality competitions nationwide.” – José Esteban Madrid on his farm EL CRISTAL in Honduras.
We think you’re going to love Jose’s coffee!
Pineapple 🍍
Roasted Hazelnut 🌰
Peach 🍑


Honduras El Cristal



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