De Mello Online July 2019 Newsletter

Ready to drink Cold Brew! ⚡

We can hardly contain our excitement about these brand new 8oz “stubby” cans featuring single Ethiopia Mormora. This naturally processed heirloom coffee from the Guji highlands was a crowd favourite on our menu for the first part of 2019—it flew off the shelves! We’re very happy someone on the team had the foresight put some Mormora aside for cold brew this summer before we sold out of it completely. Our cold brew recipe was developed by our newest team member, Sarah Ball, who also happens to be the 2019 Canadian Cup Tasters Champion (…and the 6th best coffee taster in the world!). In other words, we are confident you are going to absolutely love the flavour and complexity found in these lil’ cans.

Fun Fact: The artwork on the cold brew was created by one of our De Mello Cafe regulars, Pavel. It’s a self portrait!

More from Mataquescuintla, Guatemala 🌿

As part of our coffee purchasing philosophy, it is our goal to develop relationships and purchase coffees from the same coffee producers year after year. We think you’ll be delighted to see two Guatemalan coffees back on the menu from these familiar names—Miguel Rodriguez and Randolfo Pacheco. 2018 was our first year purchasing from both Miguel and Randolfo who have farms in the Mataquescuintla, Jalapa region of Guatemala. Since you liked their coffees so much last year, this year we purchased a lot more from them at higher prices. Miguel and Randolfo are also part of a resistance against a Canadian owned mining operation in the area—we purchase coffee from them because they are great producers and also in solidarity with their struggle.

Summer Blend 🍭🍭🍭

Lollipop is back! We think you’re going to love this super sweet summertime blend


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