Brazil Sitio Bocaina

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  • Farm: Sitio Bocaina
  • Producer: Dimas Maciel
  • Region: Serras de Minas
  • Variety: Yellow Catuai + Red Catucai
  • Altitude: 1200masl
  • Process: Natural
  • Tasting notes: Milk Chocolate / Hazelnut / Nougat (Chocolat au Lait / Noisette / Nougat)



Fernando Lima is very proud of his Sitio Bocaina. His father Antonio, grows coffee for over 40 years and Fernando is taking over with a different approach – quality first. “If your production  is limited you better have higher quality in order to keep up with high production costs and  give a decent life to your family”, says Fernando. Sitio Bocaina is located in a community called Serra da Bocaina, municipality of Machado, Southern Minas Gerais.

• Average altitude of 1.200 mt above sea level
• Coffee harvested from June – September
• Varietals – Yellow Catuai + Red Catuai
• Dried on cemented patio + Raised Beds

“We hope people in Canada enjoy our coffee. That´s a motivation to us to keep focused on quality”. Fernando Lima


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