Cascara – Tea

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  • 100% Costa Rica
  • Region: Naranjo
  • Farm: Finca Santa Lucia
  • Varietal: Caturra, Catuai
  • Altitude: 1700M
  • Region: Naranjo
  • Tasting Notes: Jujubes | Strong Honey | Dried Fruits


Cascara tea started out as a fringe trend but is now emerging as a highly sought after product in the world of specialty coffee. Spent coffee pulp is often used as an organic fertilizer in many coffee growing regions. However, over the past few years, producers have found that when dried properly, it can be used as an herbal tea. Cascara or ‘la sultana’ (meaning dried grape in Spanish) is a bi-product from the process of coffee pulping. Red cherry is purchased from the mill and pulped almost immediately. The wet pulp is moved to a patio to be sun dried for one or two days (weather permitting). A mechanical drier is then used to ensure uniform moisture content


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